Ground Quake is very proud to present
CBMA Hall of Fame Member Clifford Curry
with Ashley Townsend

and this uplifting Christmas offering

featuring ATM award winner "Jelly Roll" Johnson on Blues Harp

Clifford Curry and Ashley Townsend offer some superb blues rock and roll vibes with Christmas Ain’t No Time For The Blues. An absolute highlight, this song lights up the room and is almost certain to get you on your feet and dancing. The two vocalists back and forth in a soulful and genuinely joyful way, perfectly in keeping with the upbeat groove of the music. In the backdrop, a jazz piano-part wanders freely, as does a pair of stylish guitar solos – finishing things off perfectly.
Rebecca Cullen Musician & writer with an MA in Songwriting.
Volume deserves to be blasted on the high-intensity volume of Clifford Curry & Ashley Townsend’s “Christmas Ain’t No Time For The Blues”. Full of a great power the song rushes forward into a glorious haze. Their vocals have a commanding presence, with a slight hint of optimism.
By Roman Vasquez (in Skope)
Clifford has a killer Blues voice and the band has all the lightning necessary for a massive rant. This song lasts just under three minutes, but could easily be extended to 20, and never get old!
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This talented artist brings the joy of Christmas to every listener.
No one can feel blue after hearing
Christmas Ain't No Time for the Blues

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Christmas Ain't No Time for the Blues single. .

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